Yoast Is Now Part Of EIG – Another great reason to leave Yoast.

geemstone said:

This is a capture from quite some time ago, when I didn’t seem to be able to get away from them…

Every time I switched hosts, within a short period, they were owned by EIG and went to $hits in weeks.

Click to expand…

oh, Arvixe, iPage and iPower are owned by the same (scumbag) company. Now it all makes sense. I used to be a member of these 3 hosting companies some 8-10 years ago and – while I don’t remember what issues I’ve had with them (bad support if I remember correctly) – I do know that I’ve wanted to do away with them before my 1st year with them had been over. Now it makes sense….

I wonder whether Mochahost (my last scumbag hosting provider) is also part of their network, although I’m not seeing them on that list…

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