[WPMDb] Your Own Fully Automated and Customizable WordPress Movie Site


The Most Powerful Movie Site
Plugin For WordPress!

Fully Automated, Fully Customizable and Updated Daily.

Your own movie site with the most powerful movie plugin
With WPMDb, you are only a few clicks away from creating your own powerful wordpress based movie database. WPMDb will automatically create posts including movie posters, screenshots, trailer and all other movie information!

Fully automated, updated daily with latest movies
With the powerful queue feature, you can input your own list of movies to publish, or generate a list of hundreds of movies at the click of a button by simply choosing your prefered genres and years. When WPMDb is done processing the queue, it will automatically refill it with a list of newly released movies, so your database will continue to grow on autopilot !

Works with any theme, fully customizable template
WPMDb is not limited to one specific theme. You can use any WordPress theme to give your movie database an unique look! Additionally, all movie posts are formatted according to a fully editable master template. This powerful feature allows unlimited customizations and any additional links, content, or even gateway that you would like to add.


Kickstart Your Site
Populate your site by automatically adding thousands of titles with a few clicks, simply check the movie genres of your choice and a date range and let WPMDb populate your site automatically!
If would rather get the very latest movies, simply grab a list of movies that are in theater right now!
Most advanced users who want maximum control over their site can also simply input their own custom list of movie titles, WPMDb will do the rest to add them to their site.

Fully Automated
Drip feed content to your site by letting WPMDb add movies on an automated schedule, from 1 minute to 12 hours.
Once the queue has been fully processed, WPMDb will automatically check for newly released movie, so your site will continue to update on autopilot!

Full Template Control
Each movie posted on your site will be displayed according to a master template which you can fully customize as you see fit with simple shortcodes and any custom HTML or Javascript. Any change made to the master template will be immediately reflected on every movie post across your site.
Advanced users who want to create dynamic links passing the movie title as an argument for deeper integration with third party systems will find a shortcode meant for this.
This powerful features allows endless possibilities of customization and monetization!

Amazon Associates Integration
WPMDb comes with built-in functionalities for Amazon Associate integration. Simply enter your affiliate ID and WPMDb will automatically create links to relevant DVDs and Blue-Ray, as well as Amazon Instant Video in every movie posts!

Automatic Trailers Embeds
Every movie posted on your site automatically contains an embeded trailer retrieved amongst the most deserving and accurate (mostly HD) trailers from Youtube!

Google Rich Snippets
Movie information fetched to create post on your site include user votes and rating.
These ratings will automatically be turned into a Google Rich 5-stars-rating Snippet that will show in Google SERPs for increased visibility!

Unlimited Themes
WPMDb is not bundled with pre-made themes. “WHAT!?” Actually WPMDb is not theme dependent, so unlike every other movie site scripts or plugins, it will work with ANY WordPress theme.
Be it a free or premium theme, you are totally free to use any theme of your choice to make your site completely unique!

New Features & Daily Updates
The API server currently contains information for more than 42’000 movies and is updated daily with new movies as soon as they are released in theater, allowing your site to always stay up to date with the newest movies.
With your license to use WPMDb, you also get automatic updates for the plugin as soon as they are released, totally free of charge!
Any additional feature request or suggestion will be taken into serious consideration to be added in the next updates.

Ongoing Support
Did something go wrong on your site or can you just not figure out how something is supposed to work?
Simply use our ticket system to ask for support and we will help you get up and running as soon as possible!



Check out our WPMDb demo site!
This demo site showcases what WPMDb can do right out of the box.







1 domain: $97 (LIMITED TIME OFFER)
3 domains: $247 (15% OFF)
5 domains: $387 (20% OFF)
10 domains: $677 (30% OFF)

(Free updates and support included)


1 domain: $20/mo
3 domains: $50/mo (15% OFF)
5 domains: $80/mo (20% OFF)
10 domains: $140/mo (30% OFF)

(Free updates and support included)


Should you have any question or require assistance, simply submit a support ticket from the WPMDb’s website.


Affiliates are welcome to promote WPMDb and earn 60% commission on every referred sales.
Earnings are paid on NET15 via Paypal. Minimum payout is $60.
NOTE THAT SPAM IS NOT ALLOWED. Affiliates caught spamming will only earn an instant ban.

Affiliates sign up here!

If you are not fully satisfied with WPMDb, you may request a 100% no question asked refund within 14 days of purchase.
(But this won’t happen because we are confident WPMDb will absolutely blow your mind!)

This is a really nice plugin – approved.
Hi Zak! Very interested in this product. Reviews are looking great. Please expect a PM soon. Thanks!
can i have review copy please ?
lol sorry for being funny on sales thread ….
this plugin is awesome and support is great .1 min setup and you are on fire!!
If I wanted to only show a certain genera of movies let’s say zombie movies, would I be able to do that easily?

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Sounds like this would make an excellent Amazon store. All I need is a great domain name, great theme, and this plugin to get the ball rolling. :)
This is a really nice plugin – approved.

Thank you zen19 and -Jericho- who made the review process a breeze :)

Hi Zak! Very interested in this product. Reviews are looking great. Please expect a PM soon. Thanks!

No problem, feel free to pm me with any question. ;)

can i have review copy please ?
lol sorry for being funny on sales thread ….
this plugin is awesome and support is great .1 min setup and you are on fire!!

Haha it’s okay buddy, life would be boring without a bit of kidding. You already had a review copy, but let me offer you the right to keep it ! :D Thanks for the kind word and review btw :)

If I wanted to only show a certain genera of movies let’s say zombie movies, would I be able to do that easily?

Although the full automation system is meant to pull all kind of movies to create a complete database, you can pull a custom list filtered by genres/years (example: “only action/fantasy/horror movies from 2009 to 2012”).

If you wish to have complete control and only add your own list of handpicked movies, you can also turn off the auto-population of the queue and simply input your own custom list of movie titles. WPMDb will do the rest to fill your site with these movies.

Here is a screenshot of the queuing feature in the back-end to give you a better idea: http://www.wpmdb.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/wpmdb-queue.jpg

Sounds like this would make an excellent Amazon store. All I need is a great domain name, great theme, and this plugin to get the ball rolling. :)

Exactly. WPMDb can be used for many purposes, and azon store is obviously one of them (also considering it has built-in features for associates integration). ;)

I’m glad to see this live. This is a kickass plugin, folks!

And I don’t think I need to post the review again.. you can see it in the OP.

All the best with sales, Zak.

sorry to be cheeky and im chancing my arm but can i get a review copy
got a really good domain that would be ideal for this

I just finished up thoroughly testing this plugin and tweaking it with some advanced customization to see how it did. Now, some of you who were around when Blackhat WordPress/Kontent Revolution by Zen19 was popular may remember me. I had some huge movie sites back then until the MPAA lawyers caught up with me.

With this plugin you’re not going to have that problem unless you link to real movie sites which if you’re in the US, UK, Canada or any other country with close ties I recommend against it. Link to an affiliate instead.

After running the plugin through the motions and finding any bugs that needed to be fixed I can say this plugin is truely awesome.

Ease of Use: As an advanced user I like to be able to customize my stuff. This plugin exceeded my expectation on this and also appears to be very newbie friendly.

Quality: The plugin appears to work well with wordpress and the quality of the programming so far seems to be very good. Any bugs I found were fixed immediately.

Support: Support has been top notch so far.

The one thing that is lacking is a theme to go with it so I am giving you an old movie theme to use with the plugin. The only catch is it might need some coding updates. I removed the slider since it isn’t setup to work with the plugin. It shouldn’t need anything major but it wasn’t designed to work with this plugin.

I tweaked some of the code so it should work for the most part straight out of the box but you may run into some issues that need to be fixed. I don’t have the time to go through and fix everything but with a little reading on the wordpress codex site it’s not that hard to figure out. You can change the source for the logo in the header.php file. If someone uses it and updates it please post it up.

Again, I have not tested this since I used it a couple of years ago with a different system and older version of wordpress.

WordPress Movie Theme

Here’s the link to download it:


VT: 0/44




A Few Recommended Plugins:

Quickcache or some other cache plugin
Pretty Link Lite for masking affiliate links
Relevanssi for better searching
Simple Tags – Haven’t used this in a long time but I believe you have the ability to add a bunch of movie related tags and it will tag your posts for you.

Thank you -Jericho- for your review and for this great share.

This theme indeed looks very good to work along with WPMDb :)

Long story short , had one domain from the niche since … hmm ages :) worthless to say I used this domain for loads of test and crappy things lol :) … I saw the sale thread couple of days ago , got the plugin instantly almost … I was trying to setup a new hosting box for it and I got into some silly errors . After few hours of tryings on my own I pm Zak he added me on skype and fixed the beast in no time :) . Everything works fine and the posts mare are really awesome .
Guess I’m going to have to give this one a try. I kinda need a new project to work on anyway.
Here are a few Q&A’s from some questions I received via pm. I thought I’d make them public in here so everyone wondering can find the answers without the need to ask :)

If course if you have any other question, feel free to ask either by pm or here !

Q: I was wondering to know what web hosting you recommend for movie sites ?

A: Any webhost offering unlimited diskspace and bandwidth (such as hostgator) will do really, as this plugin does not include actual copyrighted content, but only movie infos and trailers like a regular movie database (such as imdb) would do.

Of course you can customize your site and add anything you want to it. So if you are into creating a movie site which will contain copyrighted content (which I don’t personally recommend btw :) ) you’d better cover your tracks and get a bullet-proof hosting – Many discussions on BHW cover this topic, I am not elaborating more on this here.

Q: Does it generate unique content? Will google penalty the site for pulling information off IMDB?

A: No, it does not “generate” unique content, as it will pull movie info from its database (posters, details, screenshots, trailer, storyline), which can’t really be “uniquified” unless you spin it hard and end up with low quality content.
But content uniqueness shouldn’t be a concern for such movie sites anyway, because they are best used with social media traffic rather than SEO; creating a movie site for SEO would require to manually create a bunch of unique and quality content, such as reviews, which cannot really be automated.

The idea of WPMDb is to fully automate the creation of your movie site, which can be a boring and extremely time consuming task if done manually, and let you focus on promotion and getting traffic that you will monetize the way you wish.

Q: Does the monthly fee on your plugin mean the website will stop working after a month or that we will get no updates after a month?

A: If you choose the monthly subscription plan and do not renew it, your site will still work but the plugin won’t access the API database anymore, which means that you won’t be able to make it publish new movies on your site.

Just a quick note that a new update has just been released: WPMDb 1.0.4
(changelog below)

It includes yet a few other compatibility fixes for some third party plugins, compatibility enhancements for wordpress 3.5 and the “2013” option in the queue populator.

Just like the previous ones, this update comes totally free for every customer. You will be prompted for automatic update next time you login in your WP admin panel.

Note that WordPress automatically checks for updates every 12 hours, so it may take a moment before it prompts you for this update. If you don’t want to wait and update right now, you can trick WP by simply de-activating and re-activating the WPMDb plugin, so WP will instantly check for updates.

Changelog (as of 2012-01-02)


? FIXED Compatibility enhancements for WordPress 3.5
? FIXED Minor compatibility issues with third party plugins
? ADDED 2013 options in queue populator


? FIXED Gallery shortcode
? FIXED Duplicate checking


? FIXED Posts disappearing from admin dashboard
? FIXED Overlapping issues with youtube embeds in IE
? FIXED Queue populating with custom query


? FIXED Display issue with rating stars in Firefox


? First complete release
? FIXED Few minor glitches
? ADDED Advanced url-encoded shortcodes for the master template

[B]beta 0.9.4[/B]

? FIXED Broken links issues with default settings
? FIXED Calling jQuery on front-end when necessary
? ADDED Shortcode to display star ratings in movie posts
? ADDED Google rich snippets (google will show star rating in SERPS)
? ADDED Monospace font styling in template setting for editing convenience

[B]beta 0.9.3[/B]

? FIXED Glitches in poster that appeared in 0.9.2
? ADDED Auto updates handling for future versions

[B]beta 0.9.2[/B]

? FIXED Minor glitches with .js in admin panel
? FIXED Embeded trailers size issue in some themes
? ADDED New smaller delay for automation
? ADDED Post excerpts support

[B]beta 0.9.1[/B]

? FIXED Lisence key is saved upon validation
? ADDED Populate Queue with custom query (with genres/dates criteria)

[B]beta 0.9[/B]

? First beta release

As one of the lucky member of BHW who got to test drive the early version of WPMDB, I must say this is a very POWERFUL WordPress plugin. I love it! Automatic, easy to customize to suite any WordPress theme. It has all the things you need to run a movie site: trailers, posters, reviews, photos, ratings, and more. You could just leave the site and let the plugin do its magic. The support is great! I encountered a problem, and Zak fixed it immediately. I have witnessed first hand the power of WPMDB, and with all the new updates, I’m very sure that this WP plugin has become even more powerful!

Good luck with sales, Zak!

This is a really nice plugin – approved.

[h=2]can you do something similar but with audio..like many products each with a audio player and cart?[/h]

It is not often that I leave reviews. The reason is not because I don’t want to but because I suck at lying and if a service/product has not been that good I just try to make the best of it myself without further commenting on it.

About WPMDb (and I am not a reviewer or beta tester!):

Zak, as I told you in my PMs this was EXACTLY what I needed for a very very long time.

The product is OUTSTANDING! If people know how to monetize that niche they are in for a good fully automated income.
Because it is extremely easy to set up at first I was thinking “Is that it?” and thought it was a bit too… simple for what I wanted to do with it. After several PMs Zak showed me that I was dead wrong.

WPMDb is awesome but the support Zak is giving is even better. He fixed several issues that were not even related to WPMDb.

Excellent product with superb support (a rare combination these days!)

Hi zak, i try to send ticket to support, i’m waiting for the reply, please replay yhe ticket asap. thank you
Hi zak, i try to send ticket to support, i’m waiting for the reply, please replay yhe ticket asap. thank you

Hello rerekun,

All of your requests which have been submitted in the last 24 hours and have now all been answered and processed.
Thank you for your patience and I hope you understand that we are probably living in different time zones and that I additionally don’t work on sundays.


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