Where can I sell Facebook Texas Hold’em Chips???

Ok, I love playing poker on facebook when I have free time, and I can win at least 20M chips a day if I play with patience and also have the habit to lose all of them with 1 hand at high stake tables LOL, but anyway I thought of selling my chips for profit to other people(probably those who sell chips as well with higher prices), but don’t know any legitimate sites who buy chips and what the market price is, if anyone knows it plz tell me, I’d appreciate it;)

P.S. Before you say search on G. I already did, found some sites but there are not any reviews about them being scam or not, so if anyone has experience here in selling chips, feel free to PM me or answer in the thread…
Thank you!

pm your msn i got a contact that buys.
I can buy , Whats ur price per Million ??
Why don’t you play real online poker and just win real money?
i can buy zynga poker chips from you, i can provide funds through alert pay let me know if interested.
Do people actually buy chips? I have 5 Billion for Ultimate Poker pro.
Ahh man I love FB poker! :D I also love to do a bit of scamming on there. Although 20m chips is only worth about $15, Zynga have priced out all the scammers!

I like to go into 5 player tournaments, (10m buy ins), with 2 of my friends and come ussually 2 out of top 3, giving us, 20m profit each time! :D

are the ultimate poker pro ones worth anything?

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