What are You Telling that client leaving in the first month because of no results?

Currently managing 180 clients for some of the company and a few individual clients, though we are mainly working with agencies/companies and our services are designed for agencies. So, the question is,, some clients just quitting because of no result. I think everyone has this type of client, who leaves for no results in the first month.


I agree, in many cases, we are getting results, ranked on the pack 3 on the 1st month. But still many of the businesses are competitive and one month is nothing, SEO is definitely a long-term game.

So the question is, what are you saying to them who cancel the order in the first month and blaming?


I have many clients like we started with zero, created GMB, website and started our SEO campaign and ranked on pack 3, 10 – 20 keywords and got massive business. I have a ton of samples like this but still we are getting clients like that. So, share your experience of how you deal with them..

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