We’re looking for a way to analyze the best performing conversion paths on a webshop using Google Analytics. Any ideas?

Dear Google Combatants,

I return to you with a question; to which the answer (I think) could prove to be very valuable for more users.

For an E-commerce website, we want to map the most used conversion paths at the page level, per channel. E.g., we want to see what the best (and maybe also worst) conversion paths are, resulting from organic traffic. The behavior flow report has proven to be useless to help us with generating this kind of report.

An example of a conversion path that I am aiming to see could be:

“Landing page > Detail page > Detail page 2 > Checkout > Checkout completed”

Is there a specific way to generate or analyze what the best conversion paths are on a webshop, on page level?

I hope someone can shed some light on this for us! Thanks a lot in advance!

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