Torrents – Affiliates?

Hey guys,

Got a few methods of making money by torrents but what I want is good affiliate programs that have rarely frozen or closed your account for suspicious activity as I want to promote blackhat on these sites so spam me up.


There is always a risk if your doing that.
if you have a little investment then instead of going nuts…
make a website and give out free report/ebook after someone sign’s up
and make an email-list for a niche and market your own landing page to build the list via torrent marketing and then use that list to market different products. so in the end you will be doing something whitehat to make the money.

no risks in this :)

Got a niche adult torrent up just now, uploaded to the wrong area of pirate bay so i could sneak a rar file in there and its gona viral with 400 leechers at the mo. The video file is a dummy with a text file saying where the video was downloaded from. With no such video out there i’m hoping to get a few free joins for my celeb porn site…

Will keep posted

;) i tried celeb pr0n with some Celeb pics , didin’t convet so well tho , but uploading to wrong section was pretty good idea imo


Interestingly enough, its STILL there after over an hour. This is when a slow connection does wonders as TPB are reluctant to remove a file if theres one seed incase it is legit so by the time youve uploaded 1 copy youve got about 500 leechers
obviously uploading to my seedbox too so it can handle the workload for the weeks to come. Uploaded to the top 30 someone mentioned so this is gonna be live for a while. I’ve got a good feeling about this torrent as I’ve struggled to convert torrents but this time the main file is similar to the affiliate im promoting plus the file dont work so more reason for them to visit the affiliate
Are you making any money from torrents these days????
All I can say is just try because there are some people who are earning a lot with torrents.
Are you making any money from torrents these days????

oh yes, torrents are still my main income source for 6 years now.
still going very good.
i make my living from torrents with very little work.

greets, darkstar69

Sounds great darkstar, hope to be in your position some day.
darkstar i know you never will want to kick your income source. But for a fact if you know something that you have left doing in torrent marketing will you mind sharing some idea or so.

Locking the files / getting redirects to your page whatever. Is a bit old i have had a post on here lately that i’ve failed with clickbank,adsense more or less the pay per survey thingy.

Nothing is converting now. I used adsense worked flawlessly for 2 years until the big ban which i expected. anyway

You must think of giving us some pointers

i already told a little bit of what works.
just use affiliate programs that are
a) related to the download niche
or b) related to the stuff you upload
and it’s always good to put a dating aff link to your upload.
i still get money from a dating website almost every month that i don’t promote anymore for few years now.
and i only promoted it through torrents.

greets, darkstar69

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