The $20 a day Instagram and Adult-ish Niche Video Method [No investment]

Thenaigga said:

Wow man don’t you stop, very good contributions they made and have realized before, very interesting and helpful and that require no investment, really are helping those who want to do the right thing. Thank you. I have few questions sorry for not understand well but English is not my native language and some words are not well translated by the translator.

by what I understood not are running very well them methods that is carried out in OGads in joint with IG and other networks social?

You say that a smart phone is necessary, I don’t own one but necessary to upload the content to IG could accomplish all this through an emulator and not would produce problems true?

At the moment of placing implemented is this method necessary to have an active vpn or something like that? already that if you want to make other methods that include most accounts IG could not bring bans as many accounts on a single pc?

No limit creation and upload of content? If you would like to place 30 items a day on IG can I do it without fear of bans?

And let me see if I understand correctly your method, if it is not so please let me know to read and understand it better. Your idea is to commercialize sexual content in IG, but prove it to a certain extent, as you said only showing the parts that are not sexual, so contact MP and so sell the product, for this you could for example upload the video Manager downloads such as Mega and putting a password to the file to give to the customer at the time of purchase or that you recommend as regards the method to transfer the content?

Sorry for the newbie questions, if any is very silly does not respond it and jobrelated should investigate on my own.

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