SEO, Content & PPC Tech Stack

Hi SEO hive mind,

I would like to know what people are using in their martech stack right now.

I’m about to run digital marketing audits with a focus on SEO, content and PPC/Programmatic for 6 different mid-sized business with more business needing this service down the line. I am just one person at the moment and time is not on my side.

* What tech stack do you use and why?
* What keyword/serp tracking software do you think is the best and best value?
* If you use more than one expensive SEO/content tool, then please explain briefly the reason and how you justify the cost.
* What do you use for reporting?
* How do you speed up the audit, findings, strategy, and implementation process?

At the moment I have experience with the usual suspects (SEMRush, WordPress, RankMath, Google Ads, Data Studio, Ubersuggest, KWSh***er, etc etc) as well as a few python libraries (Pandas, Advertools), which I’m still learning.

Any and all recommendations most welcome and as always, greatly appreciated. 🙂


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