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ThatsRightBtch said:

Hi guys,

I’ve been caught up with Alex Becker and all of his source wave video’s lately. I followed his strategy to rank and rent out pages for local terms. As of right now I have some page 1 rankings and soon I want to complete the last step in the process: rent out the pages. I’ve been reading more about renting out pages and some people claim your website can get a google penalty for doing this. Is this true?

Also is there any free plugin I can use for renting out pages? Obv Becker wants to sell his own software, SourceCCS, but it’s kinda expensive I think. Especially considering it might not even be that safe at all.

Any advice?

If you think I should stop listening to Becker video’s plz tell let me know.


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Hey what did you use to overlay their site on yours?

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