Possible to expand organic reach in multiple countries/markets without localized content?

I was recently hired as Content Lead for a SaaS company. We are based in Germany with plans to expand into the UK, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands. All of our website content is entirely in English and we don’t have plans to localize content for any of the new markets. At least not yet.
One of my responsibilities will be to expand our organic reach through, mostly through SEO content.

Though I’m comfortable with the fundamentals of SEO, I’m no expert and I certainly don’t have experience with international SEO. I consulted a couple of resources from Moz and Semrush. In a nutshell, this is what I gather: if you want to expand organic reach in foreign countries/markets, you need to 1) decide what kind of domain you want to use and then implement the necessary technical configurations and 2) create localized content in the target market’s language.

As I mentioned, we won’t be localizing any content at first. My question, then, is can we go about creating content in English and hope to gain any kind of meaningful organic exposure in non-English speaking markets? If so, what’s the best approach?

I apologize in advance if any of this isn’t clear or if the answer is super obvious. Happy to provide further details upon request. Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered!

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