Payza to be shut down because of LR incident? Not Likey

People are already worrying that payza may be shut down by the u.s. government soon, since its an online money service like Liberty Reserve was. This is total bs, Payza has an entirely different business structure then Liberty Reserve.

1. Payza is not a digital currency, you have accounts in usd,euro etc.
2. Payza is owned by a U.K. based company
3. Payza has a license to operate in the United States as a money transfer service
4. Payza is designed to be a rival to paypal

Liberty Reserve did not even have a license to operate in Costa Rica,whereas Payza works hard to make sure they are legal in every country they operate in. The company that bought payza(formerly alertpay) is a consultant company in the field of advanced payments.

There is no need to worry about Payza being shut down, the people that claim it may be shut down, do not know what they are talking about.

You had me worried just from the title, you should have put a better title for this thread. lol
I made the title that way to get peoples attention so that after coming in the thread, they will understand that there is nothing to worry about, as Payza and Liberty Reserve operate in two vastly different ways.

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