PayPal to WebMoney WMZ??

Does anyone know how i can fund my WMZ purse with money from PayPal or my Credit Card?

I need to fund my captchabot account and they only accept WebMoney?

You need to use a currency exchange middle man.
These bastards charge like 15-20% commission on
an exchange. You’d better off with DeCaptcher mate.

In Russia it is possible to put money in the system via
special ATM that accepts cash or via bank transfer.

Official exchange via wire transfer is here: hxxp://
It is in Russian though :)

Also, have a look here: hxxp://

Use exchangers at your own risk. I used one and it was OK.

The problem is decaptcher is charging me $30/500 captchas on this particular software so i was using captchabot but now i need to put more in my account.
excangers charge big comission!!! I put wmz to my account with terminals in my city.
Find a friend in Russia :)
1. buy ukash vouchers from your local store
2. exchange to WMZ on

they charge like 30% but it works…

ukash is not available in USA

i’m looking for a way to fund Webmoney with paypal too.

any solutions ?

my god , webmoney is a total disaster , I tried getting money on it but nothing works out it seems. I tried a bank transfer but now I need a personal passport to be able to do a bank transfer ( you have to verify by meeting a verified guy in person , or by sending in notarized docs , what the hell man ). Tried adding a visa card but that doesn’t seem to work either
There are a lot of russian exchange sites.
Comission is about 10%.
exchangex (dot) ru/reg.php?lang2=english
I have WMZ, but I do not know how to work with paypal :) PM me, maybe I could help you.
I don’t think this is the right place for advertising your service.

I used obomen exchange site they take a lot of fees but they are secure

Why you dont buy WM card ?
I can change if still need
I need paypal to perfect money. anybody? skp is (s-james5)

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