Need someone who can help me get unlimited/free credits on The App “TouchTunes”

I have tried some basic in app and lvl emulation with lucky patcher and such, and it didn’t work. I don’t really want to mess with refunding, just for this app, so i’m hoping someone could figure out a way to exploit/hack the system.

I’ll give some basic information about the app.

The app is a digitial jukebox app, it allows you to go to certain restaurants, bars, etc, and put on whatever music you want that uses the touchtunes app, as long as you have the credits. Because of some personal reasons, and business in real life, i’d like to find a way to get unlimited/free credits for the app.

Playing 1 song, is 2 credits, 12 credits costs $6 dollars (ridiculous price).

If you’re going to be rebuilding/building a custom .apk I would need it for android. I’m actually assuming this isn’t a super complex job, so for this job, if anyone can do it, i’d you can give me an estimate.

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