Need help with Site Structure -several moving parts

I have a video production client that provides various services, works across multiple industries, and works with both corporate & small business. I am trying to figure out how to get the most SEO value when structuring their website.

Current menu structure is:

* Services
* Industries
* Portfolio
* Small business
* corporate
* About
* contact
* careers
* Blog

On the Small business & corporate pages tabs are used for all of the major industries served with videos underneath that when clicked on, internally link to specific project pages for each video.

Going forward, i was going to create unique service & industries pages, prioritized by local then national search volume. From those pages i would internal link to project posts that fit the service or industry.

Does that make sense? From my perspective it seems to make sense, but i wanted to get other opinions any and all feedback is appreciated.

NOTE – All of their videos are hosted with vimeo. They use WordPress and the Divi theme. No major timeline for project.

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