My Client Hit The First Page!

Hey everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker of this sub and a few other marketing related subs and over the past months I’ve seen a ton of you tell stories about how you’ve landed your first client and really gotten your businesses up and running. It’s really been motivating to me as I’ve been in the SEO industry for a little bit of time now and haven’t had the best luck with sales except for my one client.

He’s a small family roofing company and honestly it’s not much money as I gave him a discount as my first client but I wanted to prove to both myself and this client that I could rank a website. The road was tough and honestly my client almost gave up on me about 2-3 months in saying he wasn’t seeing results, but after 8 months of stress, hair loss, and reassurance the time has finally come and my client now ranks on the first page of Google. He’s not the number one result yet but the best part was when he called me the other day to inform me that someone called saying they found him through his website. That was the icing on top of the cake and really made my day as I finally understood what it was like to help a business grow through SEO.

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