Multiloginapp Alternatives?

KIMW said:

C’mon young padawan, a forum is made for that. It’s about sharing experiences. Although I am new at BHW, I am active on others forums where I happily share what I know and ask people to share when I don’t know something.

At the moment I am trying MultiLoginApp and I think it’s a great tool. I’ll try Ghost Browser later on and will see the pro and cons for both of them.

But if someone has already tried Ghost Browser or Firefox Multi-Account Containers and would not mind to share her/his experience, I’ll be happy to hear that.

Reading your previous post I can see that you are a bit paranoid thinking perhaps there is a kind of conspiracy on BHW against MultiLoginApp but if there is one I am not part of it.

Instead of being upset because people think MultiLoginApp is too expensive, be constructive and tell us why you think MultiLoginApp is better than Ghost Browser. Thank you.

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Well he does work with/for multiloginapp so take they how you will. BloodyNinja is pretty helpful on these forums tho especially if you have questions regarding browser privacy

I haven’t heard of Firefox multi account container but I have used both multiloginapp and ghost browser and they both work well. You definitely have to use both and see which works better for you on top of considering if the costs outweigh the benefits.

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