[METHOD] Free Offline Courses Lynda.com

Hello everyone, today I will show you how you can download any courses from Lynda.com onto your pc for free. Now, this method will include 2 things:

1) How to get a temporary free premium account on Lynda.com (3 months account) –method still working as of 17 March 2019–

2) How to use the free LyndaDecryptor tool to convert downloaded files from lynda.com into a watchable .mp4 file without the need to use the desktop app.

The reason why this method is good is that some method that used to work doesn’t work anymore and even if you download the files onto your pc using the desktop app, if your account doesn’t work anymore you cannot watch them offline. With this method, you will still have all the .mp4 files on your pc so you won’t need an account to connect to the desktop app to watch the courses you downloaded. It also makes it much easier to share the files with the community. Now you can just quickly download all the courses that you want, convert them into .mp4 files so you can watch them whenever you want, all of that for free!

For those of you that have a hard time following written steps, I’ve included some pictures to help you follow the process.

Ok so let’s start :

  1. Go to https://www.fakenamegenerator.com and create a fake identity from the county of Virginia
  2. Create a temporary mail from https://temp-mail.org (Go to change and choose the globaleuro.net domain, it’s important because some other domains are not accepted in the next step)
  3. Apply for the fairfax library card and complete the fields with the info from fakenamegenerator and temp-mail (https://fcplcat.fairfaxcounty.gov/uhtbin/cgisirsi/0/0/0/122/2015)
  4. Go to lynda.com and click “Already a Lynda member? Sign in now”
  5. Click “Sign in with your organization portal” and enter “fairfaxcounty.gov” in the field and click Continue.
  6. Log in with the info you got from the fairfax library (Temporary Library card number and your password for the Library card PIN)
  7. Create a new Lynda account
  8. Go to any course and click on the “View offline tab” and click on “Start the download”
  9. Install the desktop Lynda windows app.
  10. Click on 1-Click login
  11. Click on “Add courses” and choose any course you want to download
  12. Go to the “View offline” tab again and Click again on “Start the download”, the desktop app will then download the course onto your pc BUT as ENCRYPTED FILES so you will need to connect each time to your account on the desktop app to view them. That is why we need the tool LyndaDecryptor to convert those encrypted files into .mp4 files.
  13. Go to https://github.com/h4ck-rOOt/Lynda-Decryptor and download the latest binary release (https://github.com/h4ck-rOOt/Lynda-Decryptor/releases/download/v1.3/LyndaDecryptor.zip) –17 March 2019–
  14. Unzip the content of the file into a folder and copy the file location path into notepad (or similar)
  15. Create a new folder for the output .mp4 files and copy the file location path.
  16. Go to the desktop app and click on the menu icon in the top left corner and click on options to see where the encrypted course files are downloaded.
  17. Go to this location and copy the path of one of the course.
  18. Open cmd (command prompt) and go to the location of the LyndaDecryptor.exe file using the “cd” command.

    For example if the LyndaDecryptor.exe file is located in C:UsersohmnitoDownloadsLyndaDecryptor

    You have to paste in command prompt :

    cd C:UsersohmnitoDownloadsLyndaDecryptor
    Then press ENTER

Then paste this line of text:

LyndaDecryptor /D “COURSEPATH” /DB “db.sqlitePATH” /OUT “OUTPUTPATH”

Where :

  • COURSEPATH is the location of the course you want to convert
  • db.sqlitePATH is the location of the db.sqlite file (to have the right file names)
  • OUTPUTPATH is the location of the folder you want to extract your .mp4 files

For example, this is what it looks like for me:

LyndaDecryptor /D “C:UsersohmnitoAppDataLocalPackageslynda.com.lynda.com_0dmhem0sv94srLocalStateoffline718670” /DB “C:UsersohmnitoAppDataLocalPackageslynda.com.lynda.com_0dmhem0sv94srLocalStatedb.sqlite” /OUT ” C:UsersohmnitoDownloadsLYNDAAAA”

Then press ENTER

19. Let it do it’s thing (it should be pretty fast)
20. Enjoy your course

Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)

1-click login isn’t working.
1-click login isn’t working.

Make sure that you are first connected to the lynda.com website and then open the app and click on the 1-click login button if that still doesn’t work just use the normal login method (on the right) where you can input your login and password.

1-click login isn’t working.

I get this error too. And go through the right side of login (fairfaxcounty) does not work

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Just test it and Allavsoft still works to download videos from Lynda to mp4, avi, mov, mp3 etc
The Course i downloaded have the Subtitles but when i download the Course using this CMD i didn’t get that Subtitles. What Can i Do now.??
globaleuro.net domain no longer is available :(

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