Mentor to help me get started in SEO

I’m starting to study SEO from Google’s free classes and would love for this to be a side hussle. I’m in need of support as I have never started my own business or know where to even begin and would loves to start a conversation here for other newbies. A few questions I have are the following:

How do you find your first clients without a portfolio or charts of impact that you’ve directly contributed to?

How involved is the client in your SEO tasks?

Do you pay for ad revenue based off what you charge your client or do you charge the client directly?

After initial set up, how many hours a month do you put in for each client?

Do you prefer to SEO for a niche group or do you promote your self as a general SEO and why?

I’m really excited to start this and hoping by the end of the year I’ll be able to have my first client but I’m so nervous of failure it’s causing me to freeze up a bit. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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