Looking For Cheap Windows XP VPS with RDP

Hi Guys,

As title suggests, looking for a win xp or 7 VPS with RDP to run very little apps mostly firefox.

Thanks in advance.

Contact me Purple Conspiracy.
We can install Windows 7 for you instead of our regular Windows Server 2008.
You didnt mentioned anything about specs

Ram ? internet speed ?

Look at this solution http://www.hostzealot.com/
I’d recommend you to check out VPS deals from QHoster.com.
They provide a lot of different VPS deals which cost not much and their servers are stable and reliable and they offer over 90 methods of payment.
Thanks you guys for all the info you’ve provided, will be making an educated decision soon.
I can get you a FREE one, hit me up via skype muneeb2good
try poweruphosting they have good support for the dedi’s that I have with them.
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We are providing VPS and RDP. Tell me know if you want. We are GGSmarket Company

Hi, We are offering VPS and RDP. Please tell me if you want.
yahoo: vpschinhhang
Sky: vpschinhhang
I’d recommend you to look at hostsailor.com VPS deals which are worth every cent you pay for their services.
Prices are low and support is active for 24 hours.
We can provide a rdp with windows 7. You need to contact us if you are interested.
I think hostsailor.com services can be suitable for your demands, they provide reliable and stable VPS deals which cost not much and they are ale to solve all your hosting issues and their technicians are second to none.

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