Is time a big factor for SEO and page ranking?

So I run an ATV business, but been doing it for a few months. I come out on google maps, but not on websearches. I linked my websites to google search console and also sitemaps as well. Now I am trying to learn how to SEO with square websites.

Do you have any tips to come out on top of the first page, say “colorado atv rentals” or “denver / colorado springs rentals” the funny thing is, my competitors have no keywords like I do except 2, so I should be on the top page just by me typing the key words in. So what exactly is going on? or is it more of a trust relation with google and time?

If I am not mistaking, I placed my SEO tags

So example, I have added the following for my SEO


(seo page title)

Colorado ATV Rentals | Colorado Dirtbike Rentals | (website name)

(seo page description)

Colorado Springs ATV rentals, Denver ATV rentals, Colorado UTV Rentals, Colorado Springs Dirtbike Rentals

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