Is there a way to rank the same content for different locations without just duplicating the pages?

Hey Folks, I started working with a company around 2 months ago, they have a tactic at the minute where they provide around 4 services. Each service in each location has it’s own page such as:
“service1 – location a”
“service1 – location b”
“service1 – location c”
84 times. Then 84 of service b, 84 of service C, 84 of service d.

The pages are copies of themselves, with the locations changed, so there’s really 4 actual pages with <400 duplicates.

Google hasn’t hammered us yet, but it surely will. We’re currently making a new website as the company has grown and is becoming a group of its smaller companies under one umbrella site. I’m seeing this as a fresh start on a new domain and want to get things right from the start.

I want to rank for local places still, we’ve been getting decent traffic ranking in the top 3 for all places, but most are #1 spot.

Is there a way I can rank for these local places without duplicating the pages and changing the location name? I’d try to make every page unique and rewrite them all but after about 5 pages i’m out of ideas on how to make it unique when it’s just conveying the same information over and over again.

Thanks for any help!

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