Is dead??

3 days ago I tried logging into my Likenation account, it threw an error “wrong username or password.”

I sent a message to their support, asking about what happened. I have over 5,000 points in there and like $4 bucks from referrals. My points though were made by using my iMacros, so I did suspect they may have deleted my account. It was a very aged account. Like 3 years old.

So 3 days and I get no reply from their support. So I try to register a new account. I keep getting errors.

So I had an account I made for a friend a month ago, and I tried logging into that (through proxy – TeamViewer), and again I get the same “wrong username or password” error.

I try to register for a new account through the proxy/teamviewer connection, again, I keep getting errors, can’t register.

Can anyone that has a Likenation account try to login and let me know if they also have the same problem???

Also, if other people have the same problem as I do, does anyone know what’s happening? Is Likenation beat/dead?

Same problem^^
no , it’s working fine for me mate …

Really? That’s weird. Did you login and no errors?

Anyone else can try?

I just get the same error.
Every time wrong password and I can’t register a new one. (Username is always in use oder wrong idk)
That’s messed up…

I mean, it’s been a while since Likenation has lost its former glory. That said, it was still a pretty good site, with decent traffic, and it worked well.

It will be a sad loss if we lost that site…

Let’s hope it gets restored soon.

By the way, if the owner of Likenation is here (or not) and sees this thread, give us an update, what’s going on? Or if somebody knows the owner of Likenation, shoot him a message or something, and let us know what the hell is going on.

Likenation seems to be back fellers. Logged into my account, still have all my points as before. All good.
It was still a pretty good site, I mean it’s been a while since Like nation has lost its former glory.
It was still a pretty good site, I mean it’s been a while since Like nation has lost its former glory.

Yes that’s true, it has been a while. I’m guessing Likenation wanted to go as legit as possible with a site like theirs, and it didn’t work out all that great. Youlikehits did that well.

Anyway, I’m still hopeful about Likenation. It’s a neat site. One of the top social exchange sites, let’s not kid ourselves.

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