Is it safe to use nulled/leaked Shopify premium themes?


I wanted to ask a question about the free premium Shopify themes you can download on forums like BHW (for example the Konversion or Booster theme etc)

Is it dangerous to publish and use such a theme on your Shopify store?
Maybe someone has some experience on this and / or has been using one on his store for a long time?

I mean, I would gladly save 100$-200$ by not buying the premium theme, and I think it probably increases conversions a lot, but I don’t want to receive a mail from Shopify in 2 months saying that they suspend my account and close my store because of this.

I’ve also seen that there are nulled themes, and leaked themes, maybe the situation is different for each type of release?

Thanks in advance for your help :)

I wouldn’t be afraid to use premium themes shared on BHW. Just make sure that the person who’s sharing them is a reputable member.
The risk is always there… here in BHW not 100% of the users are trustworthy. So just be aware of this, if you cannot handle the risk, then go the easy way.
Also, think on group buys. I’ve participated in several GB for different things, like plugins and themes (related with WordPress in my case), but they are a cheap mechanism to go cheaper (maybe 1/10th the price), and enjoy a clean theme/plugin
It is never safe to use “nulled” anything. It is not safe specially if you do not know what you are doing. How good is your programming n server mgmt skills?
Specimen Copy: Not for sale.
There is always a risk with such use. Better trace the code for any hidden links or better yet go the safer route.
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If it’s posted from @Festinger then it’s safe. He’s a seller and cannot afford to provide hacked plugins/themes as he’d be banned from BHW. Similar applies to and

I have posted 3 plugins on BHW and faced a similar dilemma – will people think I uploaded plugins with backdoors or viruses? That’s why I uploaded a picture proving that the plugin was bought, maybe that helped people trust me :).

Not safe. Not recommended.

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