“Indexing Allowed: Yes” but Google hasn’t indexed anything for 3 weeks.

Hey folks, about 2 months ago I started a new job working on a large scale website (400+ pages currently but scope for many more), I run pages in batches, so I’ll spend a week creating new pages and then give it a rest for a while to index them and see how they perform before moving on to the next set.

I submit all of the URLs manually in Search Console when finished, the sitemap’s there too but indexing manually usually works quicker.

I have 81 pages that Google has crawled, but are Excluded, for the reason of “Discovered – currently not indexed”. I spent two weeks actually submitting the links as I kept running into the submissions wall, on my weekly check today none of them are indexed even though they’ve been crawled.

Any thoughts on how to actually get these pages on Google as we’re in quite a competitive industry and I’m just sat scratching my head.

Thanks for any help!

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