I need your help!

Hello everyone,
A few months ago i started a instagram page about travel ,

At the beginning I started using infinicore powerlikes
And getting decent impressions on my global page
About 400-800 likes depending on photo and getting like 50-60 followers per day without any other bot or follow/unfollow method.

After infinicore went down i started using instabot.py getting like 100 likes and impressions not more than 2k even tho I had like 4k followers

After a few months using bot without a problem 3h daily basis I started to get more impressions and I started to combine powerlikes and instabot gainin 2k followers in a week posting only 5 photos a week,
Used the same hashtags in 9/10 photos ,

It was everything ok then something happened and I couldn’t use instabotpy like and comments ( basically the bot i used was only for like and comments in specific hashtags)

I got banned 7 days couldn’t do anything (post/like/comment/follow)

Now when I wanna try to use it it says action blocked and i cant comment or like From bot but i can from my mobile

Why is that ?

And what should i do to grow my page more because i am stuck at 6k in 2 weeks even tho i get over 10k reach in a single photo.

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