Huge List of Torrent Sites

What browser are u lot using. or just a proxy
great share .

good job!
2000 websites is goldmine BUT I picked up 5 websites randomly and websites were either down or parked.
As previous OP said, it deserve at least to ping each URLs of this list to see if alive. I would guess 10% max is still active.
pirate bay :)
Amazing! Thanks for sharing this :)
Awesome links thanks for sharing
Thanks, but many sites don’t work anymore.
which torrent sites have the latest tv shows uploded faster, including sports?

I’m think you already must know those one…
but zoogle or pirateiro have a lot of tv stuff
and both have imdb api

Damn you must have worked had but very of them works now.
I just put this list together, there’s about 2000+ sites in this list and a few of them are in a different language but the majority is english.

Visi radio online – Klausies radio stacijas internetā bez maksas http://Polskitorrent.** http://Polishleech.** http://www.torrentleech.** http://polishleech.** http://megatorrent.****
介護職の仕事内容とは http://Hdbt.** http://G-torrent.waw.******
Home http://hdbt.** http://Sc4-torrent.**
Home http://www.sc4-torrent.** http://Bitfactory.dyn.** http://Arenatorrent.** http://Basket-torrent.webpark.** http://Bitgoon.combit http://Darklair.**
Index – eng http://bittorrentfiles.dyn.** http://monstertracker.** http://torrentkris.xt.** http://www.basket-torrent.webpark.**
Free Online Games
Home http://Md-torrents.ruhome http://Megatorrent.** http://Ntorrent.yoyo.** http://Torrentkris.xt.** http://Torrentum.y0.** http://Trurl3.** http://Tterm.xorg.** http://Viptorrent.** http://Viptracker.****

the most sides are down.. :(

I think this thread should be un-pinned. most of the sites are no longer up or lead to fake spam sites. The thread is also from 2013…
someone shld do some cleaning i suppose
i didn’t see on the list
Wow, what a great resource. The list is almost too big. I am supposing you would suggest to start at the top of the list. I’ve only used a couple of them but been a great resource so far. Thanks! proxies for anything and everything! Our proxies are low cost, easy to use and have spectacular uptime!​
I hope atleast some of the torrents are still working.
TPB is still THE KING in torrents. :)

If you can’t reach TPB in your country… try access via TOR!

Anyone has a recent list? Maybe we should share our top 5 sites for torrents.
Here is the list of current top 10 sites (All of them are working):

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