How To Fix Main Keyword Not Recognized & Crawled By Google?

Hi everyone, I’m kinda a beginner in SEO, still managed to understand the gist of it so I can start a blog on my own.

Overall, it attracts about 2000 monthly traffic, all from white hat tactics and informative, quality-content. A clean domain built from the scratch, no intentional backlink scheme till now. Only some brand profile links on social network platforms (I created myself) to kickstart crawling signals – which probably does no harm at all.

However, a problem has been boggling my mind for a few months recently: **One of my article has failed to catch Google attention in terms of keyword relevance and ranking.**

Suppose that I focus on ***”benefits of ABC”*** as the main keyword for the article, alongside other sub-keywords, LSI and long-tail ones added naturally (both contextual and in the headings).

I did well at my competitor research, then created a long-form, comprehensive, insightful post myself, in natural tone and language (write for humans), and definitely prevail most competitors in quality. Their articles are about 2000-2500 words long while mine is 4000 (which totally makes sense because it’s kinda a broad topic to write about). I published mine 3 months ago, added a few more hundred words 1 month ago, manually resubmitted to GSC after every update.

But according to my Organic Keywords analysis on Ahrefs for that exact article URL, there are only 2-3 long-tail KWs showing up, with the average position of 20-30th. In GSC search result performance tab, there’s even nothing worth-noting about that article.

I tried to create some more internal links (contextual anchor texts, exact match, article title match) to that article, still no better results after 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, the competitors are attracting 2000-3000 traffic to their article, and they don’t even optimize it for that target main keyword (their meta title, description and headings don’t include it, only 1 sentence in the whole article does).

**I’d love to hear from experienced SEOs and appreciate your help and advice. What would you do in such situation to resolve it, or at least to get Google to notice my effort and start recognizing more relevant keywords in my article?**

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