How to earn more money and more traffic with PlugRush!


Today I’m going to talk about a Adult Traffic Program called **PlugRush**. They claim themselves as “the next generation traffic network”, but are they that good? Let’s see!

PlugRush works with the “plug” system, basically, you create ad-zones and you can either sell and trade traffic. With accurate and reliable statistics, you earn for **all your traffic worldwide**. But obviously, traffic from tier 1 countries such as United States, Canada and United Kingdom will generate more revenue for you.

So it’s recommended to work with PlugRush mostly if you have traffic from these countries, still you can use them as a **trade traffic tool**, which works pretty well!

Selling traffic options

Plug Traffic:

In PlugRush you can sell traffic via “Plug Traffic”. You simply create a widget (or ad-zone), paste the code in your website HTML and it will show geo-targeted advertising to your users. Once they click on it, you earn money or earn a “point”, to be used at traffic exchange (you can disable this option anytime).

Mobile traffic:

Mobile traffic:

Mobile traffic is also available on PlugRush, they will provide you a code that will detect the device your user is acessing your website and if it’s a mobile device, it will redirect the visitor to a sponsor website. This is an excellent option if you have a website without support for mobile users.

Popunder traffic:


With popunder traffic you can earn money without doing absolutely nothing! Just place the code in your website HTML and you will se a raise in your earnings. At the first time a user clicks on something on your website, a window opens with a sponsor website. Most of times, it doesn’t affect your user experience at all and will offer the highest pay rate of all options.

PlugRush Payment

PlugRush does pay. With weekly payment, they work with NET 7 schedule, that means you are paid on the 7th day after the last day of each period. Currently they’re paying via Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal, Wiretransfer and RedPass with really small fees and minimium payout US$25,00, which is quite easy to reach.

PlugRush control panel:

Earnings dashboard

PlugRush provides a high detailed overview of your earnings, with charts statics, number of sold visitors, CPV (cost per view), CPM (cost per mille) and your income of the day. You can also filter by website, adzone and trackers. Or even select a date range to verify data about your past earnings.

Ad zone creator tool

PlugRush also offers a very versatile tool to create your own ad-zones, you can adapt and customize to fit your website design. The tool allows you to select the categories that fit in your website content, the number of slots and is where you’re going to select if the ad-zone will sell or trade traffic.

PlugRush support:

Support on PlugRush is made via Tickets, they don’t offer online support, but the tickets system works quite well. I usually get replies from their staff is less than 10 hours, even in weekend or holidays. 100% of the questions I’ve made we’re answered in the first message and all the issues solved.

You can also use their FAQ to solve any question you might have while using their services.

My conclusion:

After working with them for a year, I can guarantee that PlugRush is a really great tool if you want to monetize your adult website. They pay-rate is fair and high depending of your website traffic. But the most cool thing is that even if you don’t earn money, you can also earn visitors with their plug system.


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