[HOW TO] Download premium host gator files for free

Hey guys, I didn’t see this shared here. I hope this doesn’t break the rules, if it does please don’t ban me I’m just trying to share with this beautiful community!
**I have 0 affiliation with the sites mentioned, be careful as I do not have 100% trust with this site (it seems a bit sketchy to me but it works)…

Go on Incognito/private browser, now visit https://www.oboom.com and create an account using a free temporary email (google it there are tonnes, if the site says invalid email try a different email service)
Activate your account etc.

Past in the url for your file, make sure it is the right page (I.E not a folder with links to the files, it must be an individual page to download).

Click on file transfers tab, this is the loading section and will show you if your download has been successful, if it is not you will get the 500 error and have to keep trying. It took me multiple attempts to download my file, I kept getting error 500. I think this error is because the site doesn’t have much bandwith for free users or something.
Under the cloud drive your file will appear, double click on the file and it should start downloading, or click download. It is pretty slow, but it will give you your premium only file for free.
DO A VIRUS SCAN of your file!!! I don’t know how trustworthy this site is or the file you are downloading. This worked for me, comment below if it works for you/if you figure out how to make the 500 error work 100% of the time :)

Some possible fixes of the 500 error
Make sure your link is good (I.E not a link to a rapid gator folder index of other downloads, it must be the direct download page of the single download)
I have read changing the url to from https://rapidgator.net/file to https://rg.to/file will stop the error.
Also try changing the end of the url by removing the .html part and leaving the .FILEextension (I.e .rar)
Close your tabs and then reopen the site.
KEEP TRYING, like I said I think it is just because the website has multiple free users trying to download at once. I tried changing the file extension and all of the other things, the website randomly worked after about 25 minutes, maybe keep the page open for 25 minutes then try.

This is my first helpful tutorial on here, if anyone could give constructive feedback on my structure/writing I would appreciate it! I want to get to junior vip on here some day

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