How to add additional value to an eCom tool collection site?

Hello everyone, I am a owner of an e-commerce tool collection site. It mainly provides eCom tools for users based on specific categories, for example, “Product Research Tools”, “Advertising Tools”, “SEO Tools”. I started building my website from the middle of July this year. Up to now, the website has gradually gained some loyal users. I am very grateful to all the users who have given me hundreds of suggestions during this period. Thanks to them, I found a lot of shortcomings in the site and have been optimizing the site according to their suggestions.

Some of them suggested that some additional value should be added to the site. I responded to this suggestion by adding a blog page to the site. I divided the blog articles into several categories: “Industry Dynamics”, “Amazon Related”, “eCom Shop Related”, “Other eCom Platforms”, “Tutorials”, ” SNS Marketing”, “Niche”. Especially, in the “Tutorials” section, I’ve been looking for some learning materials related to Amazon. Next, I’ll start to add some tutorials about how to run an eCom shop and other stuff. I hope these learning materials can help some newbies in e-commerce industry.

To be honest, I am not a native English speaker, so I may not be able to write, collect or organize my language well in many places. But I’ve tried my best to add more value to the website by providing learning materials. I sincerely invite you guys to give me some precious advice towards the blog sections of my website(categories and content), for helping people who are in need of it. More importantly, if you guys feel that these articles are not suitable for English native speakers at all, I may stop collecting these study materials, or collect them and give them to some agents who’re native English speakers for translation and revision.
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