How much RAM do I need to turn a VPS into Proxy server?

That totally depends on how many users you want to be able to access the proxy. If it’s just yourself, then 512 MB is totally fine.

Here’s an extract from the user guide regarding memory and RAM requirements:

Memory/Ram Requirements

Squid keeps an in-memory table of objects in RAM. Because of the way that Squid checks if objects are in the file store, fast access to the table is very important. Squid slows down dramatically when parts of the table are in swap.

Since Squid is one large process, swapping is particularly bad. If the operating system has to swap data, Squid is placed on the ‘sleeping tasks’ queue, and cannot service other established connections. (? hmm. it will actually get woken up straight away. I wonder if this is relevant ?)

Each object stored on disk uses about 75 bytes (? get exact value ?) of RAM in the index. The average size of an object on the Internet is about 13kb, so if you have a gigabyte of disk space you will probably store around about 80 000 objects.

At 75 bytes of RAM per object, 80 000 objects require about six megabytes of RAM. If you have 8gigs of disk you will need 48Mb of RAM just for the object index. It is important to note that this excludes memory for your operating system, the Squid binary, memory for in-transit objects and spare RAM for for disk cache.

So, what should your sustained-thoughput of your disks be? Squid tends to read in small blocks, so throughput is of lesser importance than random seek times. Generally disks with fast seeks are high throughput, and most disks (even IDE disks these days) can transfer data faster than clients can download it from you. Don’t blow a year’s budget on really high-speed disks, go for lower-seek times instead – or add more disks.

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So yeah, you’re fine

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