How do you handle formatting for H1 tags on blogposts versus landing pages?

Hi there, hope you are well!

I am helping my company create its first website (on WordPress with Elementor and the use of custom templates), and something I’ve been learning about are H1 tags, H2 tags, etc. Our designer has set global formatting settings for H1, H2, H3, etc., such that H1 text on one page of the site looks just like H1 text on another page of the site. I had three questions I was hoping to get help with:

1.) Our landing pages need much bigger text than our blog pages (for example, we want the H2 text on our landing pages to be much larger than the H2 text you’d see on our blog pages). How do you handle this? Do you just use paragraph text on the landing pages and set the font size manually? Or can you have different pages use different H1-H6 formatting?

2.) Right now, anything that remotely resembles a “header” is using an H1-H6 tag on our landing page, even if you may not traditionally consider it header text. For example, we have something like “Jessa’s story” in H2 next to a user testimonial. Is this OK from an SEO perspective even though Google may not know how to make sense of these non-traditional headers?

3.) What type of text do you typically use in a footer? H2? H3? H4? Does it matter?

Thanks so much for all your help!

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