How do you guys deal with your deliverables not getting implemented?

Looking back at some 6 months of work, my clients maybe got 25% of what I sent over to them actually implemented. Some are as simple as copy and pasting title tags or uploading a sitemap. I don’t overwhelm them with things they have to figure out on their own either.

Every 3 months I’ll do deeper dive and make a 1 pager and prioritize projects/implementation from easiest to hardest and send them an update. Still nothing.

Things get stuck in a dev queue behind other projects, or they have a developer who implements half of the project (many times I find errors in QA-ing), and forgets about the rest, or they use overseas people who maybe don’t understand the complexities of what needs to happen or just are not very good.

Amazingly, the clients are happy b/c I’m organized, a good communicator, and I’ve been doing this 10+ years at this point so I am able to intelligently speak to problems and do some advanced, one-off things for them to save them time, but I’m confused because the results are not overly amazing.

My lowest retainer is $3500 a month so they are still paying a decent retainer for me (solo operation). If it were “that easy” to, I’d love to double my price again because once there’s more money at play, they would hopefully prioritize it.

I also thought about tacking on another $1000/mo for a 10 hours of Dev work, but a lot of these companies don’t want that as they want to own the environment so my hands are kind of tied.

Any thoughts?

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