Very good day, I come to this place to present a little of my experience and at the same time to request a little help.

I explain, I have been a web designer for several years, recently due to the pandemic as everyone affected me with the loss of my job, due to my experience in digital marketing, I tried to make some money with CPA, Affiliate Marketing and those things, in At first I tried to do it in the most legal and transparent way possible, but the leads do not always arrive, so I tried using platforms such as picoworkers, popleperhour and the like, here I cannot say that it was going well for me since even though the leads were a bit Cash was always somewhat delayed and not all of them apply for geolocation reasons and apart from that they were a bit expensive, since I had to share my profit, my profitability was very low.
Then I tried to buy Residential Rp’s or IP’s but the costs are quite high, so I started using Anti-detection Browsers such as MultiLogin, Ghost Browser, AntiDetect 7.6, and I managed to make very good money, especially with Ghost Browser, the leads were 100 % effective, my configuration first a vpn, then proxifer, then Ghost Browser, and they passed 100% of the leads, but recently with an aging account and with income of up to 2k they blocked it for xd fraud, and although I am active in Several platforms I do not understand why not all leads pass, not all leads are registered, I have used Antidetect these last days but they are not always effective, I can share more of all the experience gained with whoever is interested in doing the same job, the truth is not It is complicated, but nevertheless I would like a different point of view, I assume that something I am overlooking that I have not seen and I need a different point of view, to see if I am ignoring something that I have not been able to understand.

I would greatly appreciate the input.

“Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up.”
Never stop doing your best!!

Kindly take a look at https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/welcome-to-the-newbie-guide.1048168/

Hope this may help you to learn about BHW
Good luck for your great productivity.


Hello webdesigner,
Welcome to the forum of money!!

It helps you find the right way to make money!!
Be clear with all the guidelines and move ahead slowly, till you find the apt way.

Good luck

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