Guest Posting – good strategy for ecommerce

I’m struggling to come to grips with one aspect of back-linking. I recognise the value of guest posting and how it helps with generating quality links for blogs and other services. But what about something transactional such as e-commerce. If say for example I sell novelty door mats aimed at big game hunters. There is only so much that I could write from a content perspective about that. So I’d need to broaden my scope a bit to actually write helpful content to support it. Would that theoretical business be helped if say for example the guest post content was about topics like the best place for hunting, tips for getting licensing etc. Would google consider that helpful and legitimate and reward me with better rankings? Totally theoretical business and content ideas of course!

Edit – apologies guys I meant to put a question mark in my post title. Now it looks like I’m the one proposing a strategy which wasn’t my intention.

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