GSC discovered, not indexed. New site

Hi everyone. My new site is live (shopify) and sitemap submitted. The sitemap has been successfully processed has discovered about 200 urls so that’s about right.

But only 20 URLs are indexed. And 30 ignored (those 30 are correctly ignored, so that’s ok).

Strangely those 20 urls are labelled as “indexed, not submitted in sitemap”….even though they are in the sitemap !

Anyway, so my question really where are the other 150 URLs. I submitted the sitemap about a week ago. Am I just being impatient ??

I have read a little bit that if Google does not want to index, then it does not want to index. Obviously I can manually go through each URL and press the manual index button but I don’t want to do that if I am going to annoy the great Google bot.

Any thoughts ?? Should I wake up the Google bot or should I have patience that the all seeing one knows what it is doing ??

Thanks in advance

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