Google Penalizations, SEO and Duplicate Content

Hi Guys,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer and respond.

**Basic Info**:
We created an application (on a website) and over the past few months it’s grown and expanded in popularity.

During the past few months we didn’t have a blog section on the website/application; rather we used Medium as a location to post informational articles (how to use, FAQS, updates, and so on) about the application.

We’ve since created a multi-lingual blog on our own website and included the same content we posted on Medium.


So the question is, will Google think we’re plagiarizing our own medium content and therefore reduce our SERP positions/overall domain authority.

What would be the best plan of action? Delete the English language Medium content? Or erase it and put a link in it back to our blog?

Suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!

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