From Almost Losing The Client To Receiving A Bonus Check… SEO Can Be A Weird Industry

I had a client whom 4 months ago almost walked away from my SEO services because he felt as though he wasn’t seeing the results he had signed up for at that point in time. Keep in mind this client was only on for about 2 months at this point in time and although I felt he could rank well due to a lack of SEO prowess in his industry I didn’t think it was going to happen in 2 months. Now he called me up and gave me the heart felt speech; however, I tried my hardest to steer this conversation into a deep dive about how his goals related to SEO and make him understand that patience is the key here. He eventually opened up to me and we decided to keep pushing forward and at the 6 month mark we would reconvene and if he still felt there were no results he could leave no questions asked. Fast forward 4 months later to the 6 month mark and he now was on the first page of Google killing it in multiple counties and even hiring another crew to cover the extra work. We ended up having the meeting anyway to which he was ecstatic about the current results and even went as far as throwing me an extra bonus as he felt I was “part of the team”. This was a complete 360 turn around I would’ve never expected but I’m glad it happened it goes to show patience can pay off.

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