Finding best provider of SMM

Hello, We are a marketing company that has been doing SEO marketing in Korea. and preparing to enter the SMM market.
We are looking for the best service provier of Instagram likes, followers, views / Facebook likes, followers / YouTube subscribers, view and so on.

We used seven services in the past. ****
just *******
per *****
s ****
gro ****
s ****

We have tested these services during two months, and we opend our service at last week. But they have been a lot of problems, the service had suspended. so we are looking for a better seller.

The above services were problematic in price, service delay, and so on.

In particular, just ******* had problems in more than three days a week and always insincere CS.

The conditions we want are

1. Provide API
2. (Based on Instagram Likes) Conditions that can be processed within 5 minutes of ordering at all times
3. (Based on Instagram Likes) Less than $ 0.05 per 1k
4. Immediate notification when there is a problem with the service (We understand that it is time for the service to be problematic and time consuming because we are developers too, But almost don’t tell they has problem. So, we received many claim from our consumer)
5. Can handle large orders – maybe after 3 months of the service, we need to process an average 2k order, multi million likes per day. and maybe more then 5 times then above if start facebook, youtube and so on

We want to find original provider, not SMM Panel reseller.
After current service is stabilized, we will start selling SMM Panel service targeted to Korea and Southeast Asia.
Our organization has about 200 salesman, and they manage about 5,000 marketing companies.
We want to find a good provider and a good partner.
Please send message to me. thank you.

Hi, We are the main provider FB services which include the following services:

Fb custom comments
Fb random comments
Fb page custom reviews
Fb page random reviews
Fb page negative recommendations
Fb page custom negative recommendations
Fb page post shares
Fb profile post shares
Fb website shares
Fb comment likes

Currenly we are providing above services and we are providing these services at cheapest rates in the whole market even cheaper than bots our services are 100% non drop with lifetime guarantee and it start within 1 hour after order and complete within 6 hours if you are interested please let me know. is your solution with edit prices for bulk orders i guess what your searching for

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