Fake domain registration details?

suportxd said:


i am going to register few domains with european countries extensions ( Central and Eastern Europe ). The thing is, for these domains extensions, WhoisGuard is not avaible. So im thinking about buying them with fake details ( name, adress etc. )

I read, the worst thing that can happend, if someone will claim the domain, they easily take that from me ( i am aiming for expired domains ). But if no one will claim that domain or specificaly report it, i should be ok?

Whats your experience with registration on fake details?


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And mind it, if you use credit card that doesn’t belongs to you, e.g virtual card, to buy domain name from GoDaddy, they will refund the money and delete your domain name within a week, most especially when the credit card billing details is not thesame as the country you’re registering from

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