EVERY FAKE GURU EXPOSED – Youtube Channel Exposing Them All

A7strohhut said:

While you guys are wasting your time calling these gurus out they make shit loads of money.

Seems like you all do exactly the opposite of what a successful person would do.

I do NOT care what they look like to you – they have value and they are selling this value.

97% of all people in the world will never become super rich – So, cut off the BS and work on your own bank account – stop complaining or caring about the success of others.

I have read you guys think Dan Lok is a scammer? Funny, because I learned a lot from him and I am making propably your yearly salary in 2 to 4 weeks. So, now what? How can he be fake and at the same time have taught me a lot?

The difference between the others and me is only one thing…

… I think outside the box and do not expect to C&P a course to make millions.

It requires a lot more than just copying the course but the course can be the foundation.

No offense but only losers do complain – winners just be better.

Hope that advice help some of you to get working.

I love this forum thats why I am that honest to you. Dont take it as offense but learn from it.

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I couldn’t agree more with this statement… can’t build something on your own if you are constantly wasting your time on other people. Also, there’s no get rich quick scam… everything requires time, patience and constant optimizing to get to the desired results!

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