Ebay Dropshipping Automation Pricematik, PriceYak, SkuGrid/Hydra, Profit Scraper, WSG, DSD

Thanks for posting this thread it has been extremely informative and I hope it continues. Here are my thoughts as a new drop shipper. I am currently looking for this kind of time saving software and I’ve been looking at all the solutions mentioned here along with a few others I found online. I have yet to find one that includes all the features I would like at the right pricing, so I understand the talk of writing your own, but that is not an option for me as I am not a programmer. The solutions offered here are attractive offering really useful time saving features for example to find and quickly list profitable items on eBay and my favourite feature to automatically track and adjust my eBay prices when Amazon prices change and even remove an eBay listing automatically when Amazon goes OOS (out of stock). These are really useful tools and I want them! The main problem for me is with their pricing which nearly all are based on a recurring monthly fee according to the number of items listed/tracked. This adds a substantial cost to your sales, which contrary to what they say if you do pass these onto the customer you would become less competitive. It defeats the object of drop shipping if you can’t exploit the pricing and make a profit! Profits are therefore very tight to begin with and what these solutions need is a reasonable purchase price for their software not a price per month for items listed/tracked. I understand the need to recover their costs and make a profit but I suggest they would be better off by raising revenue through offering additional features or performance upgrades or higher levels of customer support etc rather than trying to take a cut of their customers’ thin profits. When anyone finds such a solution please let me know. I’m still looking. Thanks!

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