DHGate.com and it’s legality?

virtualman89 said:

I follow a general rule of thumb with DHGate. If its a branded product, it is counterfit. And if you sell it in the United States, or other countries that have strict counterfit laws, it is illegal. And eBay, Amazon, and other major websites will ban you if they suspect you are selling counterfit. My advice is don’t do it.

Unless the item is a generic product, it is not worth it. It’s a shortlived business model.

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I see, buying one pair of shoes for example (real example) and then selling it somewhere else most likely wont raise brows though yes? If I were to sell it in bulk, then I’d probably have problems legally im assuming?

So if I may, follow up question. If I WERE to sell things from dhgate (assuming they are fake) how much would I have to sell in order for it to be seen as illegal enough to pursue? Because im sure one pair of shoes wont put me in jail right?

And does this make it that if its not branded, then its fair to be sold because theres a higher chance that it isnt counterfeit? Meaning that as long as it isnt fake, its legal? Thanks so much.

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