Data Extractor

Hey all.

I need to find good web data extraction (website scraping) software (I SUCK at iMacros), and was wondering if anyone here knew of any good free (or cracked) software for web data extraction such as Mozenda.

Mozenda does what I need and has all of the features but it runs server side and isn’t cracked so I can’t use that.

Is there any other software floating around that does the same as Mozenda?

mozenda looks good thanks for sharing it :p
No worries lol it wasn’t my intention but glad it helped lol. Anybody got an alternative?
if you are looking to scrape a site that may be useful to me as well, i might be willing to write & share a ubot that will scrape the site.

let me know

I am also looking for a mozenda alternative. A script that I can outright purchase. I would be willing to pay for this to be created. Or possibly an ongoing service partner. However I would preferre to purchase outright.

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