Daily paying content mills, like Text Broker & iWriter??

Freelancing directly with others posting in the trading forums of BHW or DP is the fastest way to get paid, but it can be frustrating or unreliable. One buyer may promptly pay you, another may not (I’m still waiting for the rest of my money from somebody I wrote for in September), and one or two might scam you.

Others may not hire you because they got a cheaper quote from others, or because they aren’t impressed by your sample or i-trader rating. Place your ad in the trading forum about your service. Or, offer a freebie article or two to X veteran members, to build your rep quicker. Or just keep answering the posts people make, one or two may use you. If you post in their thread your quote or turnaround time, the OP may not bite, but over time others may PM you about it.

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