Cloudflare has an impact on SEO?

KeplerO said:

Interesting… I use CloudFlare pro for a few months now, and I have dozens of top 1-5 keywords rankings, but also many unranked keywords. I might as well go for some case study route – disable CloudFlare for about 1 week.

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About 6 days after I have disabled CloudFlare and surprisingly I have seen some big changes.

There was a major change in Organic traffic after 3 days – about 30~50% more, and going up since then. When I checked my SERPs tool I saw a HUGE increase in Top 1-3 keyword rankings (about 200% more).

I wasn’t doing any backlinks in the past month, neither site speed optimization or changing the SEO whatsoever. In other words, only CloudFlare was changed. Although I had the best week since opening the site, I still not sure if CloudFlare is the issue…. might want to do another week before the final verdict. If the organic search traffic will go above the site’s peak I will just refund my Cloudflare account and say goodbye yo the old dark days.

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