Can’t Add ‘Facebook Posts’ to AddMeFast

Been trying to deal with this for an hour with no success.
Everytime I try add a facebook post to AddMeFast for likes/shares, I get this error

“Facebook post url that you are trying to add is invalid, is not public or visible only for logged FB users. Or it contains permalink”

How do I remove the permalink from my post?
I’ve tried everything that I could think of and it wouldn’t work.

Example of URL:

I had the same issue and fixed it.

Here’s the thread:…50-addmefast-not-accepting-facebook-page.html

You need a URL with the /post in it. Like this:
You need a URL with the /post in it. Like this:

What if we can t and keep getting permalink.php style url ?

Please help. I cant add too.
I’m having the same problem, no posts in this thread helped…
When I like other’s facebook posts for points, I noticed the url goes like this: , (I am not allowed to post link here, sorry). But as I try this way, it doesn’t work, which sucks!!! :kabong:

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