Can Non-Americans write at textbroker?

Freshers(guys who just come out of college after graduation) earn around 400 to 500 USD per month from top IT companies like TCS,Infosys,Accenture and all.

second tier IT companies pay anywhere between 250 to 400 USD per month.

Those freshers who are employed outside IT industry earns comparatively less than 300 USD per month.You may find good writers from India who earn 300 USD per month day jobs.

Job scenario in India is pretty much like in DP in short there are too many people and too less jobs!

Let us say ,as a sales man for a healthcare product needs 300USD salary per month and employer says salary is going to be 200 USD only.Guess what happens people will line up in queues for the job

Ultimately it is a numbers game

If there are 10 vacancies for a particular job then 100 qualified people will lineup to attend interview.

After initial interview let us say 70 get filtered out .

Now the employer announces the surprise news “salary is going to be less than what you like/deserve”

out of 30 remaining contenders 20 will reject the offer.!0 will accept the offer.

Employer is happy

Bross said:

A bit off-subject, but what is the monthly average income in India for the average person?

I’ve been there for a few months in the past & I know it is a relatively poor country in most areas, but can people live normally with $0.5 per 100W projects?

I apologize if this is too intrusive, I am just curious.

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