Best Website Builder for SEO and GMB for local search

I know this is technically a two part question and it could prove my ignorance. If your website type/builder has bearing on your placement of your GMB listing, does any one of the large website builders (Wix, WordPress, etc) ding the right boxers, more than others, to help rise to the top of GMB(I know there’s lots of variables that go into the GMB listing with a physical location and reviews being the bigges factors)?

As per SEO, same question, does WordPress or Wix, help your SEO more, just by using them for your site? I ask this because I’ve read that Wix and WordPress both offer features that Google’s algorithm likes to see (ie fast loading times). So the question is: does one of them help increase your page placement more than the others? If not Wix or WordPress is there another one?

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