Best movie streaming site?

Right now Im using quicksilverscreen but there are alot of problems w/ it

What is the best “underground” movie STREAMING site.. Not torrents or downloads

I’ve used Nabolister quite a bit. It’s tedious as they don’t host files but are rather a directory. You have to search a bit to find the working links but they usually have everything listed that’s worth watching. I prefer torrents myself. I’d rather wait a couple extra months and see it in DVD quality. is the only one updated as often as quicksilverscreen.
by the best I’ve ever seen is


To much Tudou, and Youku on I miss stage6 – The best one =)

But check

You should be able to find working streams from whatever your looking for.

nice post so far, thanks for the info everyone was gonna post a similar thread earlier this week :)
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Right now Im using quicksilverscreen but there are alot of problems w/ it

What is the best “underground” movie STREAMING site.. Not torrents or downloads

I was seriously wanting to ask the same question.
I found this nice article ;)

I use and too. They usually have all the recent movies and tv shows respectively, listed. Trick to is to go to he forums and register. Then you can see the movie links.


heres list i took from my site

1. – Free Tv Streaming

2. – Free online movies streaming

3. – Watch Videos Online

4. – Online Movies Free

5. – Watch and Review Streaming High Quality Movies

6. – Watch Movies Online

7. – Watch All Your Favourite Tv Shows, Movies Online Free

8. – Legal

9. – Movie Zone

10. – Watch Movies Online For Free

11. – Watch Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons Free

12. – Episode Network

13. – Watch Tv Shows, Movies, Cartoons And More Free

14. – Watch Movies Online On Demand For Free

15. – Watch Movies, Cartoons, TV Shows For Free

16. – Watch Tv

17. – Watch Your Favourite Movies Online For Free

18. – TV Shack

19. – Watch Videos Online

20. – Watch Movies Online For Free

21. – Watch Movies Online Free, Full Length

22. – Free Movies

23. – Watch Movies Online Free

24. – Surf The Channel

25. – Tv Shows, Movies, Music Videos And Cartoons Free

26. – Live Online TV

27. – Flickpeek


I used to own the top Movie streaming site until the MPAA bit my ass…. and that bite still hurts.
Old thread but i want to share a good site.
Ok it is lots of Swedish sub on it but you find lots of movies with English sub to and lots of no sub videos.
Wasnt 1Channel fairly decent? A good one I have used for TV shows is, really good for GoT as well so probably worth a bookmark for that alone.

All GOOD Sites… :) (formerly is another good one that hasn’t been named yet. Its mostly targeted for German speaking countries, but they have pretty much everything in English as well.
My 10 year old nephew told me about this site:

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